Tweeting Forensic Science: Great Accounts Worth Investigating

The field of forensic science depends heavily on technology, and is subject to rapid innovation. This is especially true of digital forensics. There is a constant arms race to come up with new programs that more effectively protect and analyze data and reinforce computer security.

Many top experts in forensic science, including digital forensics, crime scene investigation, and even forensic archaeology and entomology, are using Twitter to share their views and discuss innovations in the industry. Twitter is an excellent venue for newcomers and old hands in forensic science to keep up with industry news, learn about new developments, and network both socially and professionally.

These are some of the most informative Twitter accounts in the forensic science space. Following any and all of these individuals, companies, and publications is a great way to delve into the rich and ever growing field of forensic science. The accounts are classified by general subject matter, and listed in no specific order.

    Digital Forensic Investigation Info

    Digital forensic investigation is one of the most rapidly developing branches of the forensic science field. Crimes involving identity theft, financial fraud, and other digital evidence require the technical expertise of a digital forensic scientist or cyber-security specialist. Many companies and publications have popped up specifically to cover digital forensics, and they often share their insights on Twitter.

  1. @cyberdefensemag


    Located in New Hampshire, Cyber Defense Magazine considers itself the “premier source for IT Security and Compliance Information.” Their content provides ethical and honest information about IT Security Professionals for IT Security Professionals.

  2. @DFMag


    Digital Forensics Magazine is a quarterly features and news magazine from the world of computer and cyber crime and digital forensics based in London. They do a great job at informing readers of topics like cyber terrorism, network forensics, software and investigation technologies and procedures.

  3. @hal_pomeranz


    Hal Pomeranz is the founder and technical lead of Deer Run Associates, a consulting company focusing on computer forensic investigations and information security. His tweets (often re-tweets) offer interesting content for those interested in digital forensics and information technology.

  4. @HTCIA


    HTCIA, official account of the International High Technology Crime Investigation Association, spends a lot of time tweeting about tech crime and industry best practices.

  5. @ForensicControl


    Forensic Control is a London-based computer forensics company that provides technology-driven data extraction and analysis services. Tweets often provide commentary on forgeries, fraud investigations, IP theft and more.

  6. @ravici


    Rob Fitzgerald of Topsfield, MA, is a data analytics expert who works for a company called The Lorenzi Group. His posts focus on topics such as digital forensics, eDiscovery, data security and security analytics.

  7. @SytechForensics


    Sytech Digital Forensics brings together leading-edge specialists in all areas of Digital Forensics to provide a comprehensive one-stop analysis service. They work with all sectors and have over the years been involved in thousands of cases, including several very high profile cases. Their tweets touch on such topics as criminal justice, civil litigation, corporate and individual digital forensics.

  8. @netresec


    Based in Sweden, NETRESEC is an independent software vendor that define themselves as “experts in network forensics and network security monitoring.” They like to keep their followers up-to-date with the latest software and forensic news.

  9. @bob_zeidman


    Bob Zeidman is the president of Zeidman Consulting, a contract R&D firm, and Software Analysis and Forensic Engineering – a provider of software IP analysis tools. His twitter posting focuses on helping businesses in the Silicon Valley as well as national news items.

  10. @CybercrimeForum


    The Virtual Forum Against Cybercrime (VFAC) aims to to provide a training program for law-enforcement personnel to combat cyber-crime and practical information on cyber-crime for researchers and the public. They often post articles regarding the latest hacks, malware-spreading and even their monthly newsletter.

  11. @afentis


    Afentis Forensics specializes in computer forensics, mobile telephone evidence, fingerprints, forensic software, and much more. Based in London, they’re a great resource for seeing what it’s like to be a leading forensic science firm in the United Kingdom.

  12. @sansinstitute


    The esteemed SANS Institute is the biggest source of computer security information, along with training certification, and research. They tweet useful links to upcoming events and webcasts that forensic science professionals will find very useful.

  13. @sansforensics


    SANS is the most trusted and by far the largest source for information security training and certification in the world. It also develops, maintains, and makes available at no cost, the largest collection of research documents about various aspects of information security. The SANS DFIR page covers such areas as digital forensics and incident response, as well as the annual DFIR-focused event.

  14. @lennyzeltser


    Lenny Zeltser a seasoned business and tech leader with extensive experience in information technology and security. As a product management director at NCR Corporation, he focuses on safeguarding IT operations of small and midsize businesses world-wide. His expertise is strongest at the intersection of business, technology and information security practices, including incident response, cloud services and product management.

  15. @AccessDataGroup


    Access Data Group has some of the best resources for forensic science professionals to stay updated on the leading developments in the field, specifically pertaining to E-Discovery, Forensics, and Cyber Security software. Their products and services have been heralded by law firms, corporations, and law enforcement entities alike.

  16. @magnetforensics


    Magnet Forensics specializes in digital forensics and created INTERNET EVIDENCE FINDER, a program used by thousands of forensic examiners to recover internet communications. As in innovator in the field, they’re software is useful to novice and seasoned forensic investigators.

  17. @researchclinic


    The Research Clinic features internet research links, training and apps. It accompanies the training courses delivered by renowned internet research specialist, Paul Myers.

  18. @appleexaminer


    The Apple Examiner focuses on Digital Forensics surrounding Apple’s OS X & iOS operating systems. By staying active on Twitter with potential clients, they’re able to develop lasting relationships.

  19. @forensiccontext


    Forensic Context is a specialized consultancy providing independent expert advice and services in biological forensic evidence, particularly the interpretation and evaluation of the evidence within the context of the case. Their tweets surround biological evidence, such as body fluids, DNA, fibers and hairs, and cover topics like sexual offenses, interpretation and evaluation.

  20. @threatintel


    Symantec Security Response is a proactive risk assessment branch of Norton that is a world leader in analysis of IT threats such as malware, security risks, vulnerabilities, and spam. Their work has been absolutely crucial concerning digital forensics and only continues to propel the field forward.

  21. @UnistalGlobal


    Unistal Systems has been around since 1994, and specializes in data recovery through software and services. For those wondering what some of the best approaches for computer forensics cases might be, Unistal proves to be a worthy organization.

  22. @CyberExaminer


    Digital Forensics, Inc. is a nationally recognized High Technology Forensic Investigations and Information System Security firm which serves corporate, legal and government clientele. This Twitter account looks at cell phone software and computer browser features in their relation to forensics.

  23. @digitalforensic


    The National Digital Forensics, GM is a leading digital forensics corporation with clients all throughout the US. Their tweets highlight information on forensic examinations, consultation, digital forensic outsourcing and IT forensic incident guidelines.

  24. @ForensiComputer


    Greg Dominguez runs Forensic Computers, a site specializing in administering forensic workstations that make it more efficient for digital forensic scientists to do their job. They help forensic scientists locate not only the best hardware, but software and more.

  25. @4cast


    Forensic 4cast is a magazine and podcast for people who enjoy learning more about forensic science. Though the magazine and podcast hail from the UK, this publication is recognized all over the world. Their tweets announce when 4cast members will be doing a podcast as well as when new episodes are released.

  26. @DFSource

    Digital Forensic Source Blog is a blog portal for the digital forensic examiner and computer crime investigator. They primarily tweet about their blog posts and forensic community happenings.

  27. @DFINews


    DFI News is an online resource for digital forensic professionals. Their twitter covers incident response and analysis, digital evidence and the law, forensic analysis for mobile devices, methods and tools for forensic investigation.

  28. @paulvella


    Paul Vella is an expert at forensic computing, while also being a mobile phone expert witness. As the Principal Computer Examiner at Evidence Matters, a computer forensics company, he’s developed a reputation for providing quality assistance in criminal defense cases.

  29. @DFRWS


    The Digital Forensic Research Conference is an annual gathering of some of the top minds in the field to discuss the most pressing technological matters as they apply to forensic science. Those working in the field can stay at the forefront of digital forensic developments through attending the conference and tweets help keep users updated on various components of the conference.

  30. @CDFSorg


    The Consortium of Digital Forensic Specialists is composed of a group of organizations that work to push digital forensics forward in the 21st century. The work they do helps to increase the professionalization of digital forensics.

  31. @BrightForensic


    Bright Forensics helps corporations, law enforcement agencies, and investigators attain the knowledge that is crucial in solving criminal investigations. They’re regarded highly for their application of forensic software, along with services and training.

  32. @intersecww


    Intersec Worldwide focuses on Information Security & Compliance, which can only be reinforced with a thorough background in digital forensics. They’re crucial to the forensic science community because of their complex understanding of contemporary threats.

  33. @LSILegal


    Litigation Solution specializes in computer forensics and, e-discovery, and expert witnesses. They often depict how important technology is growing to be in forensic science and what can be done to develop the most integrative solutions moving forward.

  34. @binaryintel


    Ohio-based Binary Intelligence, LLC is a professional investigation agency. Their tweets span the areas of computer forensics, cell phone forensics, high-tech investigations, electronic discovery and data recovery.

  35. @JavelinDigital


    Jeffrey Ginsberg runs Javelin Digital Forensics LLC and helps provide professional computer forensic and data recovery services for all sorts of entities ranging from businesses to law enforcement and educational institutions. Their work in digital forensics makes their Twitter account incredibly worthwhile for anyone wanting to know how the intricacies of digital forensics work.


    Forensic Science Experts

    Forensic scientists in every branch of the industry have started using Twitter as a venue for sharing their thoughts on digital forensics, forensic DNA analysis, crime scene investigation, evidence gathering technique, and much more.

  37. @DrCaroleMD


    Maintaining a star-studded practice in Beverly Hills, Carole Lieberman, M.D., is well known as a psychiatric expert witness who testifies in high profile trials, and analyzes trials in the media. She uses her twitter account to speak out about abuse, paternity & other crime cases, as well as promotes thought-provoking items in today’s media.

  38. @drericcole


    Dr. Eric Cole is a cyber security expert with decades of experience consulting for high profile banks, Fortune 500 companies, and even the CIA. Cole is also a senior fellow at SANS, a respected institute for computer security and digital forensics training.

  39. @CanadianPI


    J. Ryan Winter runs Canadian PI, a Twitter account focused on putting users in touch with the best resources for attaining services pertaining to investigations, surveillance, public records, unclaimed money, and more.

  40. @scottamoulton


    Data recovery forensic expert Scott Moulton is a Computer Forensic and Data Recovery expert with over 20 years’ experience. His website,, brings together the experience, resources and offerings of two established companies: Forensic Strategy Services and Network Installation Computer Services, Inc. Scott’s primary goal is to provide you with the data recovery knowledge and tools you need – whether it be their free videos and content or structured training.

  41. @williballenthin


    Willi Ballenthin of NYC, is a consultant Mandiant, specializing in incident response and computer forensics. Follow his account, and you’ll find information on Python interface, Shellbags analysis and analog and forensics.

  42. @pdxcfe


    Kelly Paxton, aka the “Pink Collar Crime Expert” is a Portland, OR CFE and PI specializing in embezzlement, forensic accounting, workplace investigations and backgrounds. Her tweets have interesting facts about theft charges and embezzlement crimes.

  43. @sheila_lowe


    Forensic handwriting expert and mystery author, Sheila Lowe, promotes her books and relevant news on her Twitter account.

  44. @RushmoreGroup


    Andrew Firth, Director of the Rushmore Group, is a forensic accountant from Sydney, Australia, who works on fraud investigations, business valuations, expert witness reports and data mining. He tweets interesting articles on these topics as well as Australia-based forensic news.

  45. @Myslady


    Dr. Cynthia Lea Clark Psy. D., MHt. Forensic Psychopathologist, actress and writer has conducted over seventy interviews with serial killers and mass murderers. Her tweets mainly revolve around her mystery murder books.

  46. @CompForensDigst


    Frederick S. Lane, author, attorney, expert witness and professional speaker, uses twitter under the handle of his publication Computer Forensics Digest; however, on his account, he highlights legal and cultural implications of emerging technology and how they relate to crimes.

  47. @wh1t3rabbit


    Rafal Los is a pragmatist when it comes to security and the role technology has in it. He’s a notable voice in forensic science due to his insight on responding to cyber threats, which gives incredible insight into digital forensics.

  48. @attrc


    Andrew Case runs Memory Analysis, a group that specializes in technical training catered towards digital forensic professionals. His insight into 21st century forensics makes him a very compelling figure.

  49. @ira_victor


    Ira Victor is an information security and forensic analyst specialist at Data Clone Labs and also President of Sierra Nevada Infraguard, who works to foster a relationship between the private sector and the FBI to prevent hostile acts against the United States. He uses his Twitter account primarily to post news and commentary on security, privacy, and the law related to cyber crime.

  50. @ForSciCon


    Mark Weber, forensic scientist, expert witness and forensic science consultant provides expert witness services in crimes involving biological evidence such as DNA profiling and bloodstain pattern analysis. His Twitter is his consultancy commentary on related topics.

  51. @hecfblog


    David Cowen runs Hacking Exposed, which is a computer forensics blog that gives great insight into the direction forensic science is heading in the 21st century. Daily blog posts look at different components within digital forensics and prove very valuable to novice and experienced forensic professionals.

  52. @sempersecurus


    Andre M. DiMino is a researcher at Deep End Research, which works on intelligence analysis, specifically as it pertains to malware, botnet tracking, underground economy, and even cybercrime. Those in the field looking for a worthwhile source on digital forensics will definitely be appreciative of the depth of his tweets.

  53. @Forensic_Acctg


    Forensic Accounting is run by GBQ Accounting, a firm well-versed in economic damages and business valuation. The intersection of accounting and forensics opens up a wealth of possibilities concerning how cases can be solved from less conventional angles, which is why this Twitter account is so useful.

  54. @doctordaniela


    Dr. Daniela Schreier is a forensic psychologist that specializes in clinical assessments as relevant testimony in child custody cases. Her insight into the forensic interview process makes her a notable figure in the forensic science field.

  55. @JZdziarski


    Jonathan Zdziarski is a world renowned expert on iOS forensics and security and is also an author for O’Reilly Media. His skillset has catapulted him to notoriety regarding iOS security and has incredible perspective on how to tap into mobile operating systems for forensic purposes.

  56. @dcampbell_iptv


    Duncan Campbell is an investigative journalist and computer forensics expert that posts incredible information onto his website and Twitter account detailing the advancements in forensic technologies. His work has been featured all around the world and explains the implications of burgeoning forensic technologies.

  57. @jtrajewski


    Jonathan Rajewski is a digital forensic and cyber-security professor at Champlain College. He often discusses some of the most interesting aspects of forensic analysis and what can be done to improve forensic research as new technologies are developed.

  58. @Mac_Lovin


    MacLovin is a computer forensics Twitter account that specializes in Mac computers. Due to their starkly different operating system from windows-based computers, the approach for analyzing digital forensics on them varies. The website also features a well-received podcast.

  59. @SteveBurgess01


    Steve Burgess is an expert in computer forensics and has incredible perspective as to how technology is changing the face of the forensic science today. Well versed in subjects such as nanotechnology, cyber war, and bit coins, which he uses to tie in with forensic technology.

  60. @bond_alexander


    Alex Bond is a computer security professional that specializes in cyber-crime and computer forensics. His Twitter account is very useful because of the information on cyber forensics and what the future holds for them.

  61. @forensicgod


    Ian Henderson runs Advanced Forensic that specializes in providing support for organizations dealing with obstacles pertaining to suspected fraud, digital evidence, IT security, or the disclosure of electronic documents. His experience as the former Head of Investigations at the largest financial services regulator in the United Kingdom gives him the esteemed credibility in forensic science.

  62. @canctil


    Carl Anctil works as an information security consultant and digital forensic specialist at Information Defense, Inc. His work focuses on information security management and digital forensics investigations, often helping to increase the security condition of an organization, which can only be done through an intense digital forensics investigation.

  63. @ForensicAccess


    Forensic Access is a highly respected independent provider of forensic science expertise in the UK and overseas. Forensic Access offers a wide range of toxicology services for many different case types, from homicide to drunk/drug driving.

  64. @dereknewton


    Derek Newton is an IT security practitioner who helps to reinforce the field of digital forensics through providing information security insights. Additionally, his site has a very useful page of forensic tools, which makes for increased accessibility of these resources.

  65. @DrWmBainbridge


    Dr. William Bainbridge is a forensic education school expert who has built a career out of investigating school-related sexual abuse, assault, harassment, and even educational evaluation for the purposes of child custody. His tact at handling delicate situations, while leading the SchoolMatch Institute, has only furthered his renown in the field.

  66. @Jemour


    Dr. Jemour Maddux is a psychologist and expert witness that analyzes the application of psychology to forensic science. Through psychological testing, structured interviews, assessments, and research, he’s been able to develop a successful program that reinforces the forensic science field.

  67. @CarneyForensics


    John J. Carney runs Carney Forensics and emphasizes how much digital evidence is being projected into the world daily. As a result, his company has been a necessity to attorneys, private investigators, and corporations attempting to retrieve digital forensic evidence.

  68. @PrimeauForensic


    Primeau Forensics examines and authenticates digital and analogue video evidence for both criminal and civil litigation. They often highlight recent crimes caught on tape and the importance of audio and video surveillance.


    Research & Education

    As the technology used in forensic science evolves, it becomes more important for forensic scientists to have more education and deeper technical knowledge of the systems they work with.

  70. @UCLForensicSci


    The University College London Centre for The Forensic Sciences tweets global forensic science news through their @UCLForensicSci account. They aim to “contribute to the forensic sciences by creating networks and engaging people with cutting edge research.”

  71. @SUForensics


    The Forensic and National Security Sciences Institute at Syracuse University allows students to immerse themselves in rigorous courses, in-depth, hands-on research and professional experience alongside real-life practicing forensic scientists. This institute does a great job highlighting jobs, news, events and discussions related to the field.

  72. @WVUFSI


    WVU Forensic Science & Investigative Science outreach allows forensic science professionals to have access to the proper resources for continuing their career by gaining higher education. Their tweets often discuss upcoming conferences, training, and symposiums, while also conveying the pertinent web seminars.

  73. @nfstc


    The National Forensic Science Technology Center is a Florida-based nonprofit that helps promote the higher standards in forensic science through training, assessment, research, and technology assistance. Forensic science professionals will find renewed use in this Twitter account since it puts them in touch with some of the most innovative practices concerning technology in forensic science.

  74. @leedsforensics


    Leeds Forensic Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of comparison microscopes and alternate light source tools specifically for forensic labs. Those working in forensic science will enjoy the tweets, as they often discuss forensic science legislation and news.

  75. @ForensicPanel


    The Forensic Panel from NYC is the premier forensic science practice in the United States. They consult on psychiatry and behavioral sciences, neuropsychology, pathology, toxicology, neuroradiology, medicine and emergency medicine issues in civil and criminal courts.


    Various Forensics Topics

    Forensic science is a deep and multifaceted field, and an incredibly diverse group of professionals within it are using Twitter. Following a broad selection of forensic science related Twitter accounts offers readers the opportunity to learn about all the different aspects of this appealing career.

  77. @forensicfix


    Forensic Outreach of London, England, has brought their murder mysteries and CSI masterclasses to over 100 schools in the UK and EU. Now they’re engaging the world in forensic science. Follow them for fascinating blog posts, interviews, podcasts and quizzes.

  78. @ELSforensics


    Elsevier Forensics provides forensics publications that cover all these topics, written by top authorities, to students, professors, researchers, and professionals. Their Twitter feed provides general forensic science news, as well as info & discounts on their related titles.

  79. @forensicnexus


    Forensic Science, is an international company and information portal to forensic science, giving you access to tons of information on how to get into the forensic science field. Their Twitter feed allows you to learn about careers in forensic science, news, top professionals and schools.

  80. @firstforensic3


    First Forensic Ltd is based in Cheshire, England, and they are a group of forensic scientists and consulting experts. Their twitter feed keeps readers up-to-date with local forensic happenings as well as connecting them with other forensic-based companies.

  81. @crimelabproject


    The Crime Lab Project aims to raise “awareness of public forensic science needs and challenges.” It does a great job of providing advice and input on topics such as fraud, felonies and the happenings on specific crime scenes in the U.S.

  82. @Adiegirl


    Adrienne Brundage is a forensic entomologist studying at Texas A&M. Her tweets mix a lively blend of personal commentary with regular mentions of forensic entomology related topics from the college level courses she teaches.

  83. @ampedsoftware


    Amped Software is an Italian-based company specializing in developing solutions for image and video processing for forensic and investigative applications. Tweets talk about software updates and great forensics workshops to try.

  84. @forensicscience


    Forensic Science covers the latest news, research, books and journals in forensic science, including forensic anthropology, forensic chemistry, forensic entomology and criminology.

  85. @usnistgov


    The National Institute of Standards and Technology was founded in 1901 and has one of the oldest physical science labs in the country. They work to pursue innovations in science and technology that improve American life, which has many applicable contexts in forensic science.

  86. @forensicnews


    Forensic News helps keep readers in the forensic field informed with the latest crime and science news from around the world. Tweets cover topics such as DNA analysis, archaeology, explosives and toxicology.

  87. @FSSoc


    Forensic Science Soc. is the official Twitter account for The Forensic Science Society, an international association that is regarded as one of the oldest of its kind. Through uniting forensic scientists and providing a large variety of resources for advancing one’s career, it’s an account that must be viewed.

  88. @womeninforensic


    The Association of Women in Forensic Science (AWIFS) is a non-profit organization based in Philadelphia that provides networking opportunities for female forensic professionals, teenagers and college students. AWIFS is comprised of forensic professionals, college students with a concentration in forensics and community leaders who are passionate and dedicated to forensic science education, violence and drug awareness/prevention in urban communities.

  89. @OJPNIJ


    The National Institute of Justice is the branch of the U.S. Department of Justice that focuses on research, development, and evaluations. It’s a useful Twitter account for forensic science professionals who may be interested in working for the Department of Justice or want to see upcoming events aimed at those who work in this field.

  90. @barryajfisher


    Barry Fisher worked as the Crime Lab Director for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department for 22 years before retiring in 2009. He’s written a number of highly regarded publications concerning forensic science and his experience gives him unparalleled perspective on the state of the field today.

  91. @maxmhouck


    Max Houck is a DC-based forensic scientist that currently serves as Vice President of Forensic Intelligence Services, LLC. Specializing in forensic science, intelligence analysis, and anti-money laundering, they’re an integral part of the forensic science community in Washington D.C. and provide interesting insight into how the field is changing.

  92. @evidentcrime


    Evident Crime specializes in facilitating the highest quality forensic science products to law enforcement and government agencies. They’re an absolute necessity to the forensic science field and push cases forward with their top notch supplies that include blood evidence, fingerprints, and much more.

  93. @forensicmag


    Forensic Magazine is a publication that caters their content towards those who work in the field of forensic science. Between news and commentary, it’s a professionals will enjoy the wealth of issues covered, as well as engaging videos, and a page to locate potential jobs.

  94. @investigatormag


    The Investigator is a UK-based, digital magazine and website for practitioners and academics in the investigative practice community. They mainly tweet when their latest magazine issues are released and about updates in big cases they follow.

  95. @BioEngagement


    Dr. Karen Jones is a molecular geneticist who focuses on bioinformatics, molecular biology, recombinant stem cells, as well as pathophysiology. Her work in life sciences has proved applicable to forensic science in many contexts.

  96. @ForensicFRL


    Forensic Resources is a forensic science consultancy firm that offers expert witness services to legal teams and insurance firms throughout the UK. Tweets show them often interacting with their community and engaging in friendly discussions on many aspects of forensics.

  97. @fguyinc


    Forensics Guy is self-employed as an independent criminalist available for case review and expert witness testimony in DUI and firearms related cases. He tweets frequently about toxicology reports and alcohol-based crimes.

  98. @forensicarch


    The Forensic Archaeology Organization has content aimed to help everyone from students to seasoned professionals to have the best resources for developing a better understanding of forensic archaeology. The organization is a crucial component to the field, specifically when it comes to furthering one’s knowledge of crime scene investigations and mass grave investigations.

  99. @ACFEIeditor


    Forensic Examiner is the official peer-reviewed journal of the American College of Forensic Examiners Institute. Tweets discuss latest issues of the journal and asks followers to give input on different topics.

  100. @askcarma


    Sorenson Forensics provides forensic DNA casework services for federal, state and local crime laboratories; law enforcement agencies; and assists Officers of the Court in individual criminal cases. This account helps answers the community has asked about DNA testing.

  101. @aforensic


    Armstrong Forensic is an independent organization focusing on the leading investigative and analysis techniques pertaining to forensic science. Specializing in services such as accident reconstruction, biomechanics, and civil/structural investigations, their renown has only grown since their founding in 2003.

  102. @rjbentley1


    Jim Bentley is an Analytical Chemist who has extensive experience in clinical, forensic, and environmental chemistry. His current work in relationship DNA testing with Chromosomal Labs is helping shape the future of forensic science.

  103. @SDIIGlobal


    SDII Global Group has an impressive array of services they provide to clients, namely litigation services that help to address lost costs pertaining to construction, insurance, water resources, and even environmental problems.


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